The Secret to Why Do We Crave Fattening and Unhealthy Foods? And Why does Your Mind Sabotages you Weight Loss?

Do you crave for a cup of coffee early in the morning? Does a chocolate bar makes you feel good when you feel low? Now a study from Ohio University tells you why certain foods affect your moods. Same as alcohol or drugs, food and spices can excite, calm or rattle the mind..

Like prescription drugs and recreational drugs so chocolate and coffee, fat and spices affect your brain and affect your consciousness and clarity of thought and the health of the brain. New research expose what food does for the brain.

We are used to treating our food as a source of energy and fuel. But we discover more and more the interconnected process between the food and the brain.

“It’s almost like taking drugs. In fact the medical differentiation between drugs and food is becoming more blurry the more we discovering the great effect that food can have on our way of thinking, how we are feeling and acting.”

These are Prof. Gary Wanek words an expert of psychology, mind science and genetics from the University of Ohio and author of the book the “Your Brain on Food”.

According to Prof. Wanek that conducted the research for his book for several years. The reason we crave all these foods that are bad for us is because these foods improve our mind state and our mood. So in a way the mind plays tricks on us and goes against what is good for the rest of the body
in order to satisfy it’s own needs.

Bananas for instance are a Serotonin bomb and spices are like drugs on a very low dosage. Dark Chocolate shown to extend the life span of men because of the large amount of antioxidants that it has (more than in a glass of red wine) and it also helps women in menopause by reducing hot flushes and night sweats because of a substance that is similar to Oestrogen that exists in chocolate.

The good feeling that you get from eating chocolate comes from a few psycho active ingredients like: Phentolamine which is similar to amphetamine, Anadmid that is similar to the active ingredient in Marijuana. The research also shows that people who ate chocolate could handle pain better.

According to Prof. Wanek the egg and bacon breakfast is not what the mind needs. The mind wants more of the Croissant and jam breakfast because it need lots of sugar in the morning that fuel the memory and learning abilities. After the overnight fasting the level of sugar drop to a critical level that weakens the nervous conductor Acetylcholine that affects memory and learning concentration and motoric movement.

Food that helps improve brain functions is: Salmon fish, Cocoa beans, Green Tea, Strawberries, blue berries and dark coffee. So it is preferred to base your breakfast on those kind of foods that both improve brain function and promote healthy weight.

Would Exercise Help you Lose Weight?
Why doesn’t the brain like diets? If there is something the exercise does is to increase appetite and the brain works here behind the curtain as well.

There is a physiological process where certain molecules that come from one food or another get attracted to the protein in the brain that is matching them. The connection between the molecule and the protein stimulates that area in the brain and increases the activity in that area. So the effect is similar to the effect of drugs. That is why people who have emotional issues may become overweight since the eating help elevate their mood and give them a false feeling of euphoria.
It looks like the mind doesn’t really care if those foods are full of fat, junk or poisons. The mind likes sugar and too much sugar is harmful to the body. The reason that our brain makes us want all those harmful substances in an overdose is that our body needs them to a certain extent. During most years of our existence there was a lack of those materials and they were hard to get. The good feeling we get when we eat fat used to push people to go and hunt and to risk their life in stealing honey. But evolution didn’t prepare us to the modern way of life . Some research show that too much sugar and fat can affect the ability of the brain and cause mental issues. So bottom line we need to be careful. Even if the brain wants the substances that are in cookies, beer and cigarettes the body doesn’t need it.

Milk is actually addictive for babies it gives them a feeling of euphoria and it’s important because of the nutritional value of milk for babies. The protein casein when it disintegrates in the stomach to beta cazomorphine it causes a feeling of strong euphoria. For adults it stays in the stomach and don’t get to the brain but for babies it gets to the brain and gives them pleasure that is beyond imagination.

Many times the brain creates a feeling of hunger or satisfaction not based on our senses but according to what was in the food we ate. That is also when we are hungry everything tastes good. Restaurants take advantage of that and they invest allot in the entre’s, less in the main meal which is the most nutritious and allot in the desert that leaves us with a feeling of euphoria and calm. So there is where the recommendation to eat slowly so that the brain will have enough time to enjoy and give the signal that it is satisfied. So when you are trying to lose weight when you are at the height of pleasure from the meal you need to acknowledge that your mind is playing tricks on you and to decide not to let him. And eat very slowly.

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