Stressing About Weight Loss? It’s the fastest way to put on kilos! Here’s why….

If you are like most of my clients that see me for weight loss. You are probably stressed and worried about your weight loss. Maybe it even keeps you awake at night or you are waking up with cold sweats feeling frustrated and powerless in controlling your weight.

I am sure you are aware of all the affects obesity can have on your health. So its not your fault that you are feeling stressed. And on top of that there is so much confusion about what works and what doesn’t. One week they tell you to base your diets on proteins and than you find other information that says carbohydrates are best. Some tell you to do weight training and others tell you that aerobic is best. There are endless amounts of diets, pills, detox programs, powders and the list goes on and on.

Have you ever stopped and thought about what you are saying to your self when you feel that stress? Have you ever analyzed your feelings at that moment in time?
I’m quiet sure you haven’t and you are no different to most people who live their lives in a state of unawareness of their own consciousness, thoughts and feelings.

Please next time you are stressing STOP for a second and instead of keeping all this internal chatter going check what you are saying to yourself and what are you feeling.

I can tell you the answer right now but I want you to confirm it with yourself, don’t just take my word for it. You will be saying to yourself things like: “why can’t I lose weight?”, “I hate how I look in the mirror”, “I hate myself, I am so weak”, “What else can I do to stop being fat?”, “ I will always be fat.”, “I hate being fat.”.

If you look at this list what is the common denominator? Whole these statements focus on what you don’t want and on your limitations rather than on what you want to achieve.

What is stress?

Did you ever stop to think or find out what is stress? Stress is the fight or flight response which is the way our body reacts to signs of danger. For the cave man this was a very useful mechanism because it will make the body excrete adrenaline and cortisol which will allow him to respond quicker and run faster and have more energy to fight or flight.
There were two possible responses that could take place either he will stay and fight and the emotion of anger will take over or he will flight and the emotion of fear will take over.
In our current everyday life most of the time we don’t face real dangers that will require us to fight or flight. But what happens is that this response is initiated over insignificant matters like being late – there is a fear that we will lose our job or the person who is waiting will be angry with us. When we have an exam we get stressed because of fear that we are going to fail. When we get stressed about our weight we are fearful about what is going to happen if we don’t lose the weight. Or angry at ourselves for not being able to control our behavior and habits. Now, what happens in our body when we are stressed? We can definitely feel our pulse going up, our breathing changes, and we have all these chemicals that are harmful over the long term being excreted into our blood system.

How does stress affect our ability to achieve our ideal weight?

Well think about it. Why do we have fat stores? Our mind and body are getting ready for time of lack of food, a time where we are in danger or fear for our lives. And what message does the unconscious mind get when you are stressed? Yes that you are in danger.
Therefore it will do anything to hold on to the fat stores. Plus you get all this hormones excreted in your blood that harm your health further.

At this stage you are probably saying to yourself… that’s great I can’t even get concerned now about my being overweight. Well, being concerned haven’t helped you so far has it?

How do negative emotions affect your ability to reach your ideal weight?

Negative emotions like fear and anger that are related to stress make you focus on all the things that you don’t want. Like Fear of being overweight, being disgusted with how bad do you look in the mirror, Fear of being sick, being angry with your mom or husband that keeps on telling that you need to lose weight, being angry with yourself for not controlling your habits . By removing those negative emotion and stress you will be able to naturally start focusing on the goals you want to achieve, on being healthy and attractive and the kilos will just start dropping off naturally and easily.

What is the solution?

Learn to communicate with and understand your unconscious mind.
Change that current unuseful programming of your mind and enable more useful programs to take over.
Learn meditation and relaxation to control stress.
Set up positive goals.
Take action. You will still need to eat the right kind of foods and exercise.
Or you might want to engage the help of a professional that will put you on the right path and show you how to do all these effectively and shorten the path to successful weight loss.

Please check out my Weight Loss Hypnotherapy page to learn how I can help you.

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